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Hate Mail!

Some Background

jot Most of the e-mail I get is from happy, satisfied people. In fact, a great deal of what I read are simply "thank-you" letters.
jot I do answer all my e-mail. Some people just write to test that. Yup, it's little old me answering everything. No staff, no robots or auto-responders.
jot I don't mind reading what you have to say. I use that information to improve my books.
jot I try to help, though I can't solve every problem.

Given all that, you think people would be grateful. Most are. But every so often I get HATE MAIL!

It's not really hate mail in the sense of unexplained, vicious anger. Instead, these replies are just mean or rude or thankless, specifically in the vein of my offering to help. I look at this way: The reader is stopped at the side of the road with a flat tire. I have a jack and a spare and I offer to help, but instead of being thankful the driver ridicules me and gets angry. That's how I judge "hate mail."

Tip! The best hate mail is the October 2000 one (below).

>>Hate Mail, August 2015

This one was a puzzle. She (I'm assuming) never answered my question and then got miffed at me for not answering her question, which I couldn't do until she answered my question. Read.

>>Hate Mail, May 2006

Here's someone who blames me for the many faults of Word and Windows. Can you feel the seething anger? Read.

>>Hate Mail, January 2005

This guy is seriously humor challenged. Read.

>>Hate Mail, November 2003

I just don't get this one. Read.

>>Hate Mail, October 2001

The book says Microsoft Word. It's Word! Not Works! I do not write books on Works. And my Word book does not cover Works at all. Sometimes I tell the reader this and they still refuse to believe it, almost to the point of damning me and all my books to hell! Read.

>>Hate Mail, March 2001

I'm of the belief that this may be hoax hate mail; it's unusual that I get something so blunt. In any event, you can read my thoughts, which I've included at the end of the letter. Read.

>>Hate Mail, October 2000

I originally tried to help this poor schmo as best I could. Alas, he hates me now, and if he ever reads this web page, he'll probably hate me even more! Read.