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Hate mail
This is a very popular place to visit. I get lots of fan mail, but occasionally some one really has to lash out. The all-time favorite hate mail is the one I got on October 2000, but the March 2001 hate mail is also very popular.
One of the most popular features here, see the view live from my front porch.
DOS for Dummies
Read how this book came out. My version. The one I remember, which is probably not what you've read in the press.
Burma Shave
My most-likely complete list of Burma Shave slogans from last century
The original trivia page from my ancient book, Dan Gookin's Web Wambooli.
Want to know what a Wambooli is? Read more . . .
Using the power of Madame Php, let swami Dangoo foretell your future . . . just for fun!
Zen Moment
A random bit of wit or wisdom culled from thousands of such e-mails I've received in over 20 years of being on the Internet. (Well, Arpanet and then Internet.)
Figure 7-8
Explore the strange saga of Figure 7-8 from my Troubleshooting Your PC For Dummies title. Bonus: lawyer jokes!
Random Name Generator
High tech is full of so many confusing terms. Check out my Random Name Generator when you need a new computer term to toss around.
Alert Button
Learn about the highly useful Alert Button often found on various web pages.