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Current Titles

C Brain Teasers

April 2024

Tiny C Projects

November 2022

Microsoft Word For Dummies

December 2021

Troubleshooting & Maintaining PCs All-In-One For Dummies

February 2021

Laptops For Dummies, 7th Edition

January 2021

C Programming For Dummies

October 2020

Android For Dummies

August 2020

Dan Gookins Guide to Programming Curl

October 2019

Running For Local Office For Dummies

August 2019

Dan Gookin's Guide to Programming XML and JSON

August 2019

Samsung Galaxy Tabs For Dummies

January 2019

Dan Gookin's Guide to Ncurses Programming

September 2017

Microsoft Word 2016 for Professionals For Dummies

August 2016

PCS For Dummies, 13th Edition

January 2016