January 11, 2013

Cable Mess

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It's alive!

It’s alive!


January 9, 2013

When Predictive Text Goes Bad

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One of the great feature of typing on a mobile device is predictive text. It adds grace to the onscreen keyboard by guessing the next best word and letting you choose that word without having to endure excess typing. But often it can lead to unbridled woe.

January 7, 2013

The Perils of “Gorilla Arm”

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My friend David Pogue puts it succinctly: Windows 8 on a desktop isn’t going to take off.

The other problem was the tingling ache that came from extending my right arm to manipulate that screen for hours, an affliction that has earned the nickname of gorilla arm. Some experts say gorilla arm is what killed touch computing during its first wave in the early 1980s.


Word Content Controls

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Have you ever started up a template in Word 2010/2007 and seen those fill-in-the-blanks items? Have you wanted to create them yourself? Here’s how!

January 6, 2013

Trackpads Are Here

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If you want to use Windows 8 but don’t want to pay a zillion dollars for a multi-touch monitor, there is finally a solution. Trackpads have arrived!

Similar to the Apple Magicpad (or whatever they call it), you can get a multi-touch trackpad for your PC. It sits alongside the computer keyboard, just like a second mouse. Rather than lose all sensation in your arm by swiping a touchscreen monitor, you can swipe the trackpad. It’s handy!

Logitech Rechargeable Touchpad T650 with Windows 8 Multi-Touch Navigation – Black (910-003057)

One Way to Recover a Lost Phone

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I wouldn’t exactly recommend this technique:


January 4, 2013

O How I Hate My Phone

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Once upon a time, I loved my phone. It was awesome! It grew even more awesome when I bought the battery pack upgrade and could make it through an entire day without a recharge. But now? I hate my phone.

January 3, 2013

Find a Lost Android Phone

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Below is an article courtesy of Droid-Life. It provides an overview of some “finding a lost phone” apps, expanding upon what’s written in my books.


January 2, 2013

Windows 8 Less Popular Than Windows Vista

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I figured it would be, and you’ve probably read about my grousings on this blog and Facebook. Windows 8 is just terrible, and the public isn’t being fooled. Charts and info provided in the link.


The State of the Art 2013

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The digital universe is expanding. The personal computer marked the dawn of the digital age. That seems like a lifetime ago. (And it is.) Today, your digital life is everywhere.

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