August 10, 2014

Market Downturn Hurts

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The stock market goes up. The stock market goes down. The recent down-swing has been rather tough on some high tech titans. How tough? Click the link below to find out.

USA Today

August 8, 2014

Cryptolocker Keys Released

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Proving that not all “hackers” are Bad Guys, the Good Guys have come to the rescue for hapless victims of the infamous ransomware, Cryptolocker. The article (link below) contains a link you can visit where you can get — at no cost — the secret code to decrypt your computer’s files and rid yourself of this scourge.



The Perils of Burnout

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Oh, I remember back in the day, back in the 1980s when the computer industry was on fire. Things were exciting. People were boasting about working 90-hour weeks, exhausted but elated. They were loving it. Then came time to pay the bill.

August 6, 2014

More Passwords Stolen

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The Bad Guys are always at it. This time over 1.2 billion passwords have been lifted. These include email addresses, social security numbers, all sorts of personal information. The article is informative, but doesn’t really say what you can do should your name be among the 1.2 billion.

That’s a big number.

New York Times

How Not to Remove Malware

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Someday you may be unfortunate enough to experience a particularly nasty virus or other malware on your PC. It happens. Your next step is to decide how to remedy the situation. Taking that step is, unfortunately, fraught with peril.

August 4, 2014

Fighting Clickbait

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You won’t believe what they say in this article . . .

This has to be the best thing ever . . .

What he said next will shock you . . .

Yeah, I’m sick of this crap, too. Click the link below (no clickbait!) to see how the online community is dealing with this odious phenomena.


Android Image Sync

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Of all the ways of moving images back and forth between computer and phone or tablet, the easiest method is to use an image management program. It works just like synchronizing music. In fact, in Windows you use the same program for both activities: The Windows Media Player.

August 3, 2014

Hello, 911? Facebook is Down!

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Last Friday saw a massive outage at Facebook, Inc. The service was absent from the information superhighway for a staggering three hours. Not knowing what to do or how to cope in a world without Friends, Likes, and obnoxious political views, throngs of Americans turned to the government for help: They dialed the public safety emergency number, 9-1-1.



August 2, 2014

They Love Twitter, but not the Ads

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I find it hilarious!

Twitter’s business model depends on selling ads. Those ads are visible mostly in the Twitter app but also on Twitter’s web page. Yet it seems that Twitter’s growth is coming from users who access the online service through third-party apps that don’t show the ads!

I still can’t figure out how these high-tech companies have a business model that relies upon online advertising. What is that they’re selling?

Wall Street Journal

August 1, 2014

The Beta Test

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Yep, that new game is in beta.
They’re beta testing.
Hey! I’m going to download the beta.
Did you get the beta for Windows?

Beta! Beta! β! What is beta or a beta test?

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