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Google Play Store Update

Updated November 2014

Google Play Store

Things are always changing at the Play Store! Browse this dispatch to see what's new or what's changed from the time my book went to press and what's happened with the latest Play Store update.

Google Play Store

The first screen you see on the Play Store is shown below.

android market
Figure 1.

The categories are color-coded, as shown atop the screen in Figure 1.

Browse for Apps

The browsing screens are shown here.

Figure 2.

Choose app categories from the far left panel: Keep swiping left until you see the Categories appear.

Along the top of the screen you see the app types, such as Top Paid, Free, and so on. To find something specific, choose a category first, then select an item from the top of the screen to see what's popular, cheap, or best-selling.

And, of course, you can still search for an app, just as described in the book.

Get an App

The method you use to get an app hasn't changed, but the screen has. Now there is an Install button for free apps and a Price button (with the amount in your local currency) for paid apps. The app's main screen is more descriptive as well:

Getting an app
Figure 3.

After touching the Install or Price button you'll see the app's permissions screen. Touch the Accept button to get the app.

For paid apps, you can choose your credit card or other payment method. If you don't yet have a credit card set up with Google Checkout you have to input credit card information. Touch the Buy button to get a paid app.

The Wishlist

When you find yourself dithering over whether to blow 99¢ on a game, you can save your worries for later by placing the game into your wish list. The process works the same for any paid app:

Wish List Touch the Wishlist button, found atop the paid app screen, shown on the left. When you do, the button becomes highlighted with a check mark, which isn't shown on the left.

Review your wishlist by choosing the My Wishlist command from the Navigation Drawer. Touch an item to view its information in the Play Store, then touch that price button to buy the app! Or you can just keep the items in your wish list.

To remove an item from the wish list, touch the Wishlist button again.

Reviewing Your Apps

To review your apps, display the navigation drawer (shown in Figure 1) and choose the My Apps item. You may have to touch the Apps icon a few times before you get to the top level, where the navigation drawer is found.

Your apps appear under two tabs: Installed and All.

The Installed screen shows the apps you've downloaded from the Play Store and installed on your Android device. The All screen shows all the apps you've ever obtained from the Play Store, whether they're installed on the device or not.

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