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March 22, 2015

Windows 10 Ripped to Shreds

Filed under: News — admin @ 8:37 am


I have a few reasons to get the Windows 10 beta, most of which are that I am contracted to write a few Windows 10-related books. Still, I’ve not yet downloaded the beta or installed it on any device. No, I’m not being lazy. I’m just scared to death.

March 20, 2015

The Proto-Web

Filed under: News — admin @ 7:42 pm


Anyone remember Lycos? How about AltaVista?

AOL ring any bells? CompuServe? Prodigy?

Website Timeout Troubles

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I missed a bill payment. It’s my fault: I tried to log into the utility’s website, but it was unreachable. I figured it was a hiccup and I’d check back later. The problem: The website hasn’t been available for weeks. Is it me?

March 18, 2015

“Why don’t you write a book about…”

Filed under: Main — admin @ 12:01 am

The other day I got a phone call from my mum. She wanted to get rid of this nasty program on her computer and it just wouldn’t uninstall.

March 16, 2015

How to Blow $10,000 in Six Months

Filed under: News — admin @ 10:29 am


If you’ve ever adopted any of Apple’s early technologies, then you know the story: You pay a premium to be the first. Then after six months or a year, you discover that you’ve been a fool. I’ve been there.

Setting the Clock

Filed under: Main — admin @ 12:01 am

Your computer, your phone, your tablet, and pretty much all wireless electronic gizmos keep good and accurate track of the time. That’s thanks to something called NTP. It’s the Network Time Protocol. The NTP has been in the news recently because it might suddenly disappear.

March 13, 2015

Screen Saver History

Filed under: Main — Tags: — admin @ 12:01 am

It’s 1985. You have an IBM PC with a monochrome monitor; the color, or CGA, monitor is just too expensive. You work on VisiCalc. It’s up there, on the screen for about 8 hours a day. It even shows up when you turn off the monitor.

March 11, 2015

The Saga of Pre-Installed Software

Filed under: Main — Tags: , — admin @ 12:01 am

Some call it crapware. I prefer bloatware. Whatever you call it, the name applies to software pre-installed on a computer. Sometimes the software consists of useful tools, such as anti-virus, the Acrobat Reader, or even a productivity suite. Recently the trend has been for actual malware to be pre-installed, which I find a bit unsettling.

March 9, 2015

But the Word isn’t Spelled Correctly!

Filed under: Main — Tags: — admin @ 12:01 am

My spelling is atrocious. I initially spelled that word “attrocious,” which is one T too many. And how I knew the word was misspelled was that a red zigzag appears beneath it. So what happens when you knowingly misspell a word and the red zigzag doesn’t show up?

March 6, 2015

Mobile Bookmark Speed Trick

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I’m all for creating bookmarks of your favorite web pages. Building such bookmarks on a phone or tablet works the same as on a computer. Using the bookmarks, however, works excruciatingly slow on a mobile device. So I’m offering a clever shortcut.

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